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When I was young and wild I was playing in a band called Homoerectus together with my friend Slawomir. We never managed it to play on a stage but we had a lot of fun! Slawomir was so nice and made a web page with the story of Homorectus suddenly all in german. But you can find some images and songs.

The project Songwriter.ie started at a weekly jam-session in the Shek in Athlone. Usaly only well known songs are played at a irish jam-session but after a short while the leds started playing some of their surprisingly good own songs. So we had the idea to make a songwriters showcase and have 6 songwriters playing their originals. I am not verry good at playing guitar and singing so I took care of the technical part and recordet everything.

Between December 2004 and Mai 2005 I had the plesure to record Kerbside in their living room. With a very ruff setup me Kim and Sean recorded together a beautiful album in every free minute we had. The original as a 4 Track LP planned demo grew to a lovely full albume over the time. With lots of talented musitions from Athlone adding their juce to it.

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